5 Signs you need a Car Service

A mechanic looking over a checklist with the customer

Delamere Motors – 5 signs you need a car service

Most manufacturers would recommend that you get your car serviced annually, to prevent the need for major repairs, dust or dirt affecting the system and make sure all the necessary fluid levels are topped up properly! It’s not required by law, like your MOT test, but it will help avoid major repairs and expensive repair bills!

At Delamere Motors, we can help you find out when your car needs regularly servicing and maintenance by checking your car service history and following your manufacturer’s service schedule based on the make, model and age of your vehicle.

But sometime’s there are a few signs that might help you identify when a car service is needed before any major damage or repairs are needed:

1. Regular to-ing and fro-ing

We’ve all got busy schedules these days, whether travelling to a from work, dropping the kids off at school or popping to the supermarket or shops, we all use our cars regularly for shorter journeys. Travelling smaller distances doesn’t give your car enough time to reach the temperatures that ensure it runs smoothly which can add dirt to the system, moisture and cause extra stress on the engine. If you have a tendency to drive shorter distances, regularly, it’s best to get a service regularly to avoid rust, contamination and prevent wear and tear turning into major damage.

2. Dashboard warning lights

It seems pretty obvious, but sometimes warning lights on your dashboard can be overlooked. If a service is due, most cars will illuminate a spanner symbol to indicate that your car needs a bit of TLC. Other warning lights as well can indicate errors in the system, and it’s best to get them looked at as soon as possible, rather than keep your car running on a potentially dangerous issue.

At Delamere Motors, we’ll provide engine diagnostic testing along with your service, so that any faults, as well as physical repairs, are all identified.

3. Different noises coming from your car

Your car likes to make strange noises when it needs repairing. Whether it’s coming from the brakes, tyres or engine, it’s really important that if you hear any different noises coming from your car that you’re not used to, you get them looked at as soon as you can. Listen out for anything different to the norm, and book in for your car service at your local Telford garage when you get the first chance.

4. Tyre wear

If your tyres are wearing quicker than normal or unevenly, then there can often be a problem with wheel alignment, suspensions or even your brakes. These repairs can often be quite expensive if major damage is caused and can mean that all tyres need to be replaced when they weren’t even causing the issue. At Delamere, our team can provide visual inspections to your tyres, brake system and wheel alignment during a service. Major repairs can then be prevented and you can avoid forking out for four brand new tyres in a shorter time period than anticipated.

5. Steam or smoke coming from your exhaust or engine

If your car has a tendency to overheat, then that could indicate there might be a problem with your engine. Equally, if smoke is coming from the exhaust it can be related to the engine or the oil levels and temperatures and can indicate that your car needs a service as soon as possible.

This can often be an indication that repairs are needed, but with regular servicing and maintenance, at least a full service once a year, then expensive repairs can be avoided. Small changes and wear can be identified early on and save you a fortune in keeping your car running. It can also help with fuel efficiency and help keep the value of your car, so it’s beneficial for you in the long-run! Don’t just take our word for it, do your research on your particular vehicle and its requirements or contact us for advice on what we think is best at Delamere Motors.