4 essential summer car checks

2 people in a car on a sunny day

Simple car checks you can do this summer to keep your car on the road

Every summer we make plans for holidays and days out with the preferred mode of transport being our cars. With our cars being used more often for longer trips in the summer we’re at a higher risk of breaking down. Nobody wants to be stuck on the motorway this summer, do they? Well, here are a few car checks you can perform so you can avoid being stranded. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Check your car’s coolant levels regularly

If you’re unsure where the reservoir is you can refer to your car’s user guide to locate it. If the coolant level is low don’t hesitate to get it checked. You should go to your local garage where they can have the system checked over. Doing this can stop your car from being at risk of overheating and possibly breaking down. This is due to the car’s operating system having to work in higher temperatures in the summer. Hot weather can put your car at risk of exposing any weaknesses it may have – for example, a deteriorating seal that is leaking could quickly turn into a bigger leak.

2. Driving it regularly

If you don’t drive your car regularly, for example, if you commute to and from your job on public transport your car battery could be at risk of going flat. To avoid this you should drive your car as regularly as possible, we recommend for at least 30 minutes once a week. Doing this will help to regenerate the battery – however, if your battery is more than five years old you should get it changed as soon as you can. Car batteries power your vehicle from your car radio to where you charge your phone, all of these things can strain the battery and put it at a larger risk of going flat.

3. Check your tyres regularly

We suggest checking all four tyres (and the spare one) regularly to ensure they aren’t at risk of being punctured. You should look at the tread depth, air pressure and the general condition of each tyre. If you have a tyre inflation kit – you should also keep note of its expiry date. Tyre punctures are some of the most common reasons for car breakdowns in the summer, so, you should always make sure that you have equipment in your boot and a working spare tyre.

4. Keep an eye on your clutch

This one might sound a bit over the top but a worn out clutch is one of the most common causes of car breakdowns. To avoid it, there are many things you can look out for – the first being if your car judders around when you lift the clutch pedal to pull away or if you accelerate and see the engine revs rising but your car isn’t moving forward. These are classic signs that you could be having some trouble and it’s important to be aware of them. You should always take your car to your local garage to get it checked over as soon as you anticipate a problem.

Your safety on the road is our top priority. Make sure you know how to carry out your car checks in order to keep you and everyone around you safe. To find out more information contact us at Delamere Motors or book online today!