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The importance of a tyre replacement

It’s important to be able to rely on your tyres because they’re your main contact point with the road. If they’re damaged or unreliable in any way, your safety could be heavily compromised. This is where Delamere Motors come in. When you suspect something might be wrong with your tyres and you’ve lost confidence in your car’s grip, we can help save the day with an affordable tyre replacement service.

High-quality tyre replacements delivered consistently

We don’t believe in anything less than perfection and certainly won’t settle for second best when it comes to your tyres. And, while we can’t change a tyre as quickly as a Formula One engineer, you won’t be stuck waiting around in our Telford garage longer than absolutely necessary. Once we’ve helped you find your perfect tyre, we’ll fit it there and then, ensuring it’s perfectly aligned with all your other tyres to give you the smoothest possible ride. You’ll leave our garage with much more grip than you entered – and that’s a promise we don’t ever intend to break.

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Beware these warning signs

We recommend vigilance when it comes to your tyres, so keep an eye out for any of the following symptoms. If you notice that your tyres look worn or you can see fraying rubber or bald spots on the surface of the tyres, we recommend booking a tyre replacement immediately. What’s more, if your tyre tread is consistently less than 1.6 mm, (below the inner ring of a twenty pence piece), you need a new tyre. It’s illegal and highly dangerous to drive on these tyres, so make an appointment with the professionals at Delamere Motors immediately.

Straightforward booking to help you get back on the road quickly

We’re not a garage that believes in creating unnecessary hassle for our customers; everything we do is to make your experience at our Telford garage as straightforward as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced an online booking tool, which you can use 24/7. All you need to enter is your registration number, a little bit of information about your tyre replacement and when you’d like it to be. After that, a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your appointment – but you’ll never pay a penny until after all the work has been carried out.

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